Investors who have suffered losses of less than $25,000 oftentimes find themselves with nowhere to turn. It is not cost effective for these investors to hire attorneys at traditional hourly rates. Additionally, many contingency-fee lawyers will not take on such a matter. Griffin Law Firm, LLC in Indianapolis has a solution.

FINRA Rules provide for arbitration of claims under $25,000 to be handled through a “simplified” process. The case is filed, reviewed and decidedĀ “on the papers.” There is no costly hearing or discovery phase.

Griffin Law Firm, LLC handles many of these simplified matters for a flat fee. The investor client knows up front what the cost will be to pursue an arbitration. This takes the guess work out of the process.

We are interested in speaking with investors who think they may have a claim against their broker for violations of the securities laws and industry rules. Please contact Griffin Law Firm, LLC for a review of your potential claim.